Friday, November 30, 2012


Have you heard of this?  Have you participated in it!?  I have never done it but 2013 will be the year.  Check out this video.  I'm so excited to share it with you!!!  You will be inspired! Click on the link to watch the video.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Runner's Christmas List

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So, Christmas is around the corner!  What is on a runner's Christmas list?  I can think of a few of my favorite things!  I'm going to be sharing  a few of my favs with you starting today.  Check back soon for more of gifts for runners!  What is your favorite running gadget, accessory, etc.?  Please share!

Next on the list...Oh, this looks really awesome and bet it will feel great working those sore muscles out.  Roll Recovery!

Looking for Christmas theme socks?  Check these out by Sock Guy.  Only around $13!!! Thanks Fit an Awesome blog for commenting about these here.  I love these!


Here's an idea!  Try making one of these running themed lamps for the runner lover!  This one was made by my daughter and I and it was featured on Runner's World facebook page on December 6, 2012 :)  If you have a lamp shade, your race bibs and some tape, you're all set!  hanging the medals is optional.  I taped them below the on/off switch away from the hot light bulb.

Well, the cooler air is upon us which means it's probably time to put away the tanks, depending on where you live.  This is an awesome women's cold gear fitted long sleeve mock top by Under Armour.  It keeps you warm and wicks away sweat to keep you warm!I don't have one of these, but sure would like to get one and I love this green! 

Women's ColdGear®
Fitted Longsleeve

$49.99 style # 1215968

I love this little gadget that works in a huge way!  It's called the Muscle Stick.  Relief for muscle pain and soreness under $30.  This gadget works wonders and so glad mu husband got it for me months ago.

 Love these!  Saw that a bunch of ladies were raving about them on another blog so I thought I'd go and get a pair, LOL!  They really do stay in!  Picked mine up at Best Buy.  The only colors they had left were the black and red, so I went with the black.  Tried them in my ears before leaving the store parking lot and left them the whole ride home :)  Check out their site.

 I like to wear a piece of hand stamped jewelry that displays my love for running.  I had this pendant custom made by my friend, Tisha.  My friend makes these wonderful sterling silver pendants and can hand stamp anything for you.  I wear it all the time.  I absolutely love running and love sharing it with everyone!  Her business is called Goodie Two Shoes and she's on facebook.

Love the Road ID!  It's a very smart thing to wear while out biking, running, etc.  It displays emergency contact info and any medical history you might have.  I've had mine for over a year now and I feel very good knowing that if something was to happen to me my family can be contacted right away, etc.  They are around $19 and come in different colors and the metal plate can be put on any other color Road ID band.  I bought a yellow band for an additional $3.  Makes for a nice gift!

I just recently got a Garmin that I am going to enjoy.  I love being able to see my pace and the time, etc.  I bought the Garmin Forerunner 410 because on Black Friday Amazon offered $150 off the 410 so I bought it and have been playing around with it.  Then, I would see this awesome orange Garmin Forerunner 310.  I love orange so maybe down the road I will get the 310.  I love the shape of it a lot too.  Check out the Garmin's at

Headbands are a nice accessory to have.  I love this headband by Sweaty bands @  I actually own the 13.1 and soon will be able to get the 26.2, can't wait!  They have a velour type fabric underneath which I feel keeps the headband from sliding.  Great quality, not cheap looking.  They have also been featured on the TODAY SHOW.  You can also CUSTOMIZE your sweaty bands!

First of all, I recently found this awesome site called Lunatik Athletiks I love anything funky and so when I came across this site and saw the products, I was like, "Yes!"  This site was definitely for me.  Check out the socks, compressions calf sleeves and running cute!  If you know a runner who might like something like this or maybe you don't know if they'll like it, get it anyway.  You just might have introduced them to a new thing! Actually, the socks have prevented a lot of soreness in my legs after running a half marathon.  THEY REALLY WORKED FOR ME!


I am a sucker for running tights!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!  I especially love the bright colored, funky looking ones, but here are a few of the tights/leggings for today.  They are great for any cool to super cold day.  I have more pictures of my favorite leggings coming soon! The ones shown in the collage are from and the black with green are from Under

My new favorite headset I just got on Black Friday from my husband are by Motorola. No cords to fight with, great sound, etc.  Check them out at

S10-HD Bluetooth® stereo headphones

  • High definition audio provides amazingly rich sound
  • Advanced design makes headphones lightweight, comfortable and sweat proof
  • Take calls while listening to music

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What Inspires Me?

I'm always looking for anything that inspires me!  People like Olympian, Oscar Pistorius , an amputee who ran in the 2012 Olympics or Olympian-WOW!, Dara Torres, age 41 she medaled at the 2008 Olympics in her 100 meter freestyle and nearly placed for the 2012 Olympics.  The kids on the track team that I get to help assist coach, inspires me, little kids with big, amazing singing voices inspire me!  My kids inspire me with their hard work they do in their games on those hot days.  People in their 80's and 90's who are still competing!  We can be and do anything we set our minds to.  LET NOTHING HOLD YOU BACK!!!

 I really love to run and I look for anything positive to put in my life that will keep me going.  It doesn't always have to be something related to running that will inspire me.  For example, I just saw this video about a former cheerleader, 36 year-old Army Lietenant, Jalyessa Walker who destroyed the world record for most consecutive backflips!  She only needed 36 but did 49 of them and that was because she ran out of room.  Can you say, "WOW"!  That is amazing!  The previous record was by a 16 year-old.  

I'm 42 years old.  I've been out of running for over 20 years.  With training I feel I'm getting faster.  I've been at it for almost a year now and have entered about eleven or twelve races this year.  I would say I'm a little competitive with myself.  I'm trying to get as close as I can to my high school cross-country time.  I was told that I would never get to where I was in high school.  Love that challenge!  Actually, the last time I found was just over 19 minutes and I'm at 24:01 right now and that was on a sick day so I know I can do it.  I told someone I wanted to run a half marathon but that I knew I'd get competitive and would want to win it.  I was told I wouldn't win a half marathon, but I placed 3rd overall female the very first time I ran one and got 2nd in my age group so far.  Don't ever feel discouraged when you hear something like that.  Let it help you push yourself more.  I'm so excited for Lieutenant, Jalyessa Walker, how cool!  I'm not sure of her story and what prompted her to take on the challenge, but she did and I feel more inspired this morning, especially after deciding that I will run my first marathon in March, 2013!  I want to enter some national competitions one day soon.  I've looked at some what they call "Masters" track & field/cross-country for ages 40 and up I'll be working and training hard so I can be the best I can be.  It feels so good to accomplish a major challenge in your life.

Watch Jalyessa's video on the link below...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Lifting Weights

So, tonight I got back to working out on weights.  I'm trying to get stronger in time for my first marathon on March 2nd, 2013.  Tonight I worked my arms on the bench.  I started out with the bar (45 lbs) and then increased the weight by 10 lbs.  I also stretched my legs after running 15 miles yesterday.  My legs are so but at least I know I got a record in mileage.

Tomorrow I will probably go get me a jump rope.  We used to have several, but I can't find any of them.  At some point I will also decorate our weight room.  It's boring so I will need to get some inspiration.  It could use some bright paint and motivational quotes and I might add my race medals and add sports photos.

That's it for now!

Running My First Full Marathon in 2013!

I'm so excited about running my first full marathon!  It is scheduled for Sunday, March 2nd, 2013 in Little Rock, Arkansas.  I have about a good 12 weeks to get ready for it.  I am an experienced half marathoner so it should go just fine.

Yesterday I put in 15 miles in about 2 1/2 hours.  I plan to run another somewhat long run later this week, maybe 8 miles.

I have no idea of a goal for my first full.  I'm guessing maybe 4-4 1/2 hours.  I know in races I tend to run a lot faster than my training, but I realize with this full I really will need to go slower in the beginning.  I had been running about an 8 mile pace in my halfs and getting my best of 1:50.  The full will be interesting!

So, have you ran a full?  If so, when and where?

Friday, November 23, 2012


Yesterday was the first annual Joplin Turkey Trot!  There were over 600 people who registered for the 5K and 1 mile fun run.  I ran the 5K and my youngest daughter ran the mile fun run.  I didn't get to see her run since they started the fun ran 5 minutes after the 5K start so my husband was there to see her run.

The event kicked off at 8:00 a.m. which was a decent time.  Glad it wasn't 7:00 a.m.  We arrived and there were tons of people everywhere in the downtown Joplin area where the event took place.  The start/finish was at 6th and Main.  From 6th and main we ran north to 2nd street and headed west to about half a block past Maiden Lane and back.

It was a very nice morning to run.  Everyone seemed happy and I saw lots of friends and I grabbed those I saw at the moment for a group picture that my husband took of us.  That was fun!  A few minutes later they made the call for the 5Kers so I gave my jacket to my husband and headed to the line.  After the National Anthem, the race started about a minute later.  I was not really feeling the race about less than a half mile into it for some reason.  My GPS did not work for me even though I hit the record button so that threw me off because I didn't know what my mile paces were and I didn't want to mess with the GPS on my phone that was attached to my arm, ugh!  I was happy to make the turn to head back.  Still was not feeling the race.  I was very tired and couldn't understand why since I had been flying in my half marathons.  I knew with this 5K I should have been moving faster.  Anyways, we made the turn back onto main heading south.  I would say there was about 200 yards or so to the finish line and the wind was hitting me right in the face, slowing me down.  By the time I could see the clock it read just under 24 minutes and right as I finished it read 24:05, but my chip time was 24:01.  It would be my personal best, but not my best feeling race.  My chest was on fire and I was couching like crazy!  My husband reminded me that I was getting over my cold.  I felt good before the race, but once I started to run, I guess I was feeling the effects of the cold and congestion I didn't really realize I still had.  I think the run made my congestion flare back up.  I was very tired today and took lots of hers to help get me to feeling better.

I did get a PR AND 1st place in my age group so I'm pleased.  I didn't get the 21:00 or 22:00 minutes I wanted but I'm sure that time will come.

Thanksgiving Day was wonderful as we shared it with friends and family.  I am Blessed!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Compression Socks & Running Skirts


I bought my first pair of compression socks a few weeks because I thought they looked cute.  We didn't wear tall socks in track.  I didn't get why the ladies were wearing tall socks.  They are not just any 'ole socks.  They actually help your legs and are a great recovery after a long race.  I wore them on my second half marathon and my legs felt great after wearing them.  I made the mistake of NOT wearing them on my third half.  My legs felt the soreness big time!  I would suggest wearing them for those really long runs.  I had quicker recovery with them.  I got mine at, but if you google "compression socks" you'll have a pretty good selection of them pop up.  They are expensive, but they do the job!  Worth every penny!  I would suggest not try them out in a race first.  Try them on your training and see how they work for you.  Don't try or wear anything new to a race until you have tested it out during your training.


I've seen a few ladies wearing skirts that looked like tennis skirts.  We didn't wear skirts in track either.  So the more I researched athletic wear I was finding "running skirts" as an option.  I've found some on Etsy, Brooks and of course on the website.  I wear my running skirt with a pair of knee length tights underneath.  The skirts come with built-in shorts underneath, but I still put on knee length tights.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hit The Track

Well, last night I hit the track to get a little cross-training in.  It was getting dark and I needed to get back home to get my daughter to church.  I did get a 1-mile warm-up, 1-400 (wanting to do at least 6) run and 1 bleacher sprint in.  I wanted to get 8 bleacher sprints done, but that didn't happen.  Also at home, I did 3 reps of  bench press and 2 reps of sit-ups.  That afternoon I did some hip flexer stretches and power leg lifts.

I was pretty tired by the end of the day and fell asleep watching 'Brave' with my family.  Today is my long run day.  I'm excited!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Good morning!  So, for those who are looking to be competitive at races, here are a couple of examples of the age group breakdown on how they medal.  They usually chose the top female's per age group and the top males per age group and usually there is an overall top male and top female who receives additional awards.  I'm sure every race age groups are about the same.  These are breakdowns from a couple of past races in Missouri and Oklahoma.  I know for the larger races I've raced in, I' usually in the 40-44 age group.  If it's a smaller race, then I'm usually the 40-49 age group.  The top three people in EACH age group gets some kind of an award, usually medals, but they can also be ribbons, plaques, etc.  Every race event could be different.  One I raced at for the YMCA they gave out water bottles and that was in South Carolina.  If you run a half marathon, full marathon you automatically get a medal.  It's called the finishers medal and they usually wrap it around your neck just after you've crossed the finish line...very cool!

So, here's the thing, even if you think you didn't place in your age group, don't leave until after you have stayed for the award ceremony which is usually within 30-45 minutes after the race.  I had a friend who happen to be in my age group who left right after the race.  She didn't think she placed, but she did!  I called her up and told her she placed and that I had her medal.  She was excited!  So, I recommend staying.  You never know!

Also, you can look up past race results to see the times ran the year before, etc. and also the number of people at the event just to get an idea.  Most times these races grow each year as more and more people hear about the event.

The lowest number of people at a race I competed in so far was like 72 people and the most so far has been around 3500+

If it's your first race I know you will be super excited to have accomplished your first big race.  Award or not, don't be afraid to ask someone if they will take your picture with your cell phone.  Before or after your race, take a picture of your race shirt and your race bib that has your race # on it.  Once the race is over I like to write my time on the back of my race bib.  I know I'll forget so I do that and also to see how my times progress.


12 and under
60 & over


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cross-Training Time

It has been pretty awesome to finally get back to cross-training.  I hadn't done any cross-training since June this past summer.  It was about an eight week class or so called Extreme Bootcamp.  It was a great class and I was beginning to get stronger, but ended up having to miss a class here and there and before you knew it the class was over!  They then started a new class doing speedwork on the track along with some other cross training on the football field.  I wasn't able to make any of those classes.

As of this past week I am happy to say that I have started doing some CT on my own.  I did some weights, yoga for runners, biking and some new exercises I found online.  Yesterday I sprinted 8 steep hills and three half mile long incline hills.  I felt good about that workout.  I'm hoping to get a new 5K record on Thanksgiving morning at our local Turkey Trot!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Well, it's been four days since my last half marathon race this past November 4th, 2012.  Let me tell you when I finished that race my legs hurt like crazy!  I was inching my way across the parking lot to get to the snacks.  When I looked around there were several people who looked in pain as well. We all felt each others pain, LOL!  I came to some steps to go inside the Bass Pro building.  I thought to myself, "Here I go!" trying to climb the steps, but I got up there.

The same day as my race I had a photo shoot to do later that afternoon.  When I arrived for the shoot I was trying to walk as normal as I could since my legs were really, really, really, really sore, but I got through the shoot just fine.  I did mention to the family, who are my friends, that I ran that morning and wanted to explain my stiffness so they would understand why I was walking funny, LOL!!

Monday-Oh, it was funny rolling out of bed, screaming, "OW! OW! OW! and inching my way down the bedroom hallway.  If I sat down it was so hard to get back up. After the race they had served samples Mexican Gumbo to the racers.  It was a tease!  That stuff was amazing!  I told my husband about the gumbo when I got home that day and told my husband that I wish we had a Qdoba.  He said that we did.  I was confused because I'm thinking something so good and we had not checked it out?!  The next morning Jayli and I went there for the first time.  They are located south of Target in the shopping center.  It is my new favorite place to eat at!  So, I just had to get up and go get a bigger bowl than what we were served at the race.  AHHH, so good!

Tuesday -  My youngest daughter decided to give me a massage combined with Chiropractic adjustments.  My husband is a Chiropractor and so she was enjoying doing the things that he does for our family.  It was cute and then she made up things along the way like putting my empty frappuccino bottle on my knee and tapping it and then she started hitting it harder!  No, he doesn't do that!  I said, no, no, no!  That girl!  She scheduled another "appt". for the following day, LOL!  Not sure if that was a good idea or not.  I also spent a lot of time rolling my 'Stick' on my legs.  It's the 'Stick Travel Stick', but I call it the stick.  More on that in a bit.

Wednesday - I was starting to feel back to normal.  I could move faster, bend my legs easier.  Only slight soreness.  Last night I did some cross training.  I did some stretching, lunges and did some weights with my husband.  I'm glad to get strength training in.  With having my last three half marathons so close together and with having to taper the week before my race and laying off mileage the week of my race, I didn't do anything that was going to make me sore or tire me out.

Oh!  So excited about a new tool I found online.  It's called the R8 Roll Recovery from It's a tool that works out the sore muscles in your legs.  This group of runners in Boulder, CO were demonstrating it.  Love it.  I have something different that I use to roll over the tight muscles that my husband got me. It's called the 'Stick'

Thursday - This morning I feel good.  My legs are crossed with ease, the sun is shining and I feel like I want to go get a little run in!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Well, on Sunday, November 4th, I ran my third half marathon!  It was the Bass Pro Marathon Weekend.  It was a record event with over 3500 runners...1668 for the half marathon alone.  Here's the breakdown;

My bib # 2566
Age: 42
Overall Place 253 out of 1668
Division Place: 14 out of 151
Gender Place: 74 out of 914
Time: 1:50:52
Pace: 8:28
5 5msplit: 44:34

I made my way pretty close to the front of the pack as possible before the start of the race.  When I looked behind me it looked like a sea of people....crazy!  They said a prayer, made a few announcements and welcomed the racers who were scheduled to run the New York Marathon, but due to "Sandy" those runners were not able to compete.  So, they then did the 10 second countdown.  I got my mapmyrun ready and started my music.  The big "boom" went off and off we went!

I started running and by mile 1 had run a 6 something mile pace.  That was too fast!  I tried to slow up a tad, but could see a girl I knew from my town and tried keeping her in my site. 

By mile two my average pace was 14 something.  I was happy and couldn believe I ran another 7 something pace.

By mile 3 my garmin (mapmyrun) said I had run 21:50.  I was sooo happy!  That was a new record for me.  My best open 5K time was 24:38. 

By mile 5 there was a guy holding a sign that read something like Mile 5, Give me  High-Five!  Once again I was still going fast, but it didn't feel like I was going THAT fast so I kept at that pace and so for several more miles I would run under 8 min. mile pace until maybe 7 miles or so and then it was just barely over 8 min. mile pace.  My best half time before this race was 1:53:09 and I knew I wanted to beat that and knew I was doing good.

Right before mile 8 we came to a major intersection and the traffic officer stopped us to let the traffic go.  I thought, "Really?"  So, I started running in place and I can hear the crowd of runners catching up to me, UGH!  Anyways, finally, we were able to go!  It felt like forever.  Anyways, we resumed and I got passed by a bunch of people, but I picked it back up and continued to run hard.  My glutes were hurting and I could feel the pavement and thinking to myself, 'I am going to have blisters!"  I hadn't felt the pain in my glutes before from the other halfs I ran before, but running 7:30/7:40 pace for awhile, I should have been sore, lol!

Along the way people had wrote messages in chalk for their friends/family on the pavement we were running on.  I'm sure "Collin" enjoyed seeing that:)  The crowd was amazing though.  There were little kids holding their hands out for a slap on the hand.  I ran further to my left to where they were to give them a high five.

I'm feeling happy that more than half the race was over.  My calves were sore and my glutes still sore, but kept right along.

We ran through a tunnel.  That was new for me.  I thought maybe a bunch of people would scream and act silly, but they didn't.  It was just a short tunnel.

Mile 12
I don't know why by this point it seems so long to get to the finish line.  I really wish I would have picked it up, but knew i was still moving faster than the last half's I did.  Not sure which mile I was at for sure, but I remember hearing my garmin said that I was at 1:44-something.  I wanted to do a sub 1:50 but my legs were going a little slower and I was thinking I'm ready to get this over with.  We were running through this neighborhood and I remember seeing the finish line on the main road.  I was just thinking I'm ready to get on the main road already.  next thing I knew, we were coming around from behind this shopping center and I knew the main road was on the other side somewhere and I could see the large balloons in the air so i started to pick it up and then I saw the main road and just started pumping my arms.  I could see the clock and it ready 1:50 with about less than a 100 yards or so to the finish.  I did it!  Got a PR!  I got the 1:50:52 beating my last time race time of 1:53:09.

For the first time, I didn't place in the top three of my age group, but it's okay, I got my PR!

Two days later I am VERY sore!  What's next...THE TURKEY TROT on Thanksgiving morning (5K run).