Monday, February 3, 2014

Become a Swirlgear Brand Ambassador!

A big thank you to Swirlgear for making me one of their Swirlgear Brand Ambassadors! Swirlgear is stylish women's running gear!  I've enjoyed this past week getting to know some of the other Swirlgear Brand Ambassadors from all over. It is truly a great team to be a part and I look forward to share about this amazing small company based out of Chicago.  

Swirlgear will be accepting applications for their Brand Ambassador program through February 7th only, so get your applications turned in ASAP!  Their ambassador team is full of the most amazing group of women runners- whether this is the beginning of your running journey or if you're a seasoned marathoner, this inspiring group is for you. On behalf of swirlgear, I'd like to offer you free shipping on your order. Simply put in the code "swirlon" at checkout! Please feel free to send your story in to Swirlgear at

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1. February 15th- Run With The Wind 25K (My 2nd)

2. March 2nd- Little Rock Marathon (Marathon #3)

3. March 29th-Superheroes vs Villains

4. April 27th-Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon (Marathon #4 )

5. May 10th- Joplin Memorial Run (half marathon)

6. June-Starry Night (5K)

7. July- Joplin Starry Night 5K & 10K (5K)

8. Aug. Blue Moon 5K & 10K (5K)

9. Aug.- Lamar Free Fair 5K

10. Sept.- Mercy Day Run- (half marathon)

11. Oct.-Kansas City Waddell and Reed Marathon (Marathon)

12. Oct.-Dogwood Canyon 25K Trail Run (1st trail race at that distance)

13. Nov.-Bass Pro Marathon (Half Marathon)

14. Nov.-Route 66 Race Across Kansas (Half Marathon)

15. Nov.-Ultramax Half Marathon Trail Run

16. Dec.-Run For The Ranch Marathon (Marathon)