Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Runner's Christmas List

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So, Christmas is around the corner!  What is on a runner's Christmas list?  I can think of a few of my favorite things!  I'm going to be sharing  a few of my favs with you starting today.  Check back soon for more of gifts for runners!  What is your favorite running gadget, accessory, etc.?  Please share!

Next on the list...Oh, this looks really awesome and bet it will feel great working those sore muscles out.  Roll Recovery!

Looking for Christmas theme socks?  Check these out by Sock Guy.  Only around $13!!! Thanks Fit an Awesome blog for commenting about these here.  I love these!


Here's an idea!  Try making one of these running themed lamps for the runner lover!  This one was made by my daughter and I and it was featured on Runner's World facebook page on December 6, 2012 :)  If you have a lamp shade, your race bibs and some tape, you're all set!  hanging the medals is optional.  I taped them below the on/off switch away from the hot light bulb.

Well, the cooler air is upon us which means it's probably time to put away the tanks, depending on where you live.  This is an awesome women's cold gear fitted long sleeve mock top by Under Armour.  It keeps you warm and wicks away sweat to keep you warm!I don't have one of these, but sure would like to get one and I love this green! 

Women's ColdGear®
Fitted Longsleeve

$49.99 style # 1215968

I love this little gadget that works in a huge way!  It's called the Muscle Stick.  Relief for muscle pain and soreness under $30.  This gadget works wonders and so glad mu husband got it for me months ago.

 Love these!  Saw that a bunch of ladies were raving about them on another blog so I thought I'd go and get a pair, LOL!  They really do stay in!  Picked mine up at Best Buy.  The only colors they had left were the black and red, so I went with the black.  Tried them in my ears before leaving the store parking lot and left them the whole ride home :)  Check out their site.

 I like to wear a piece of hand stamped jewelry that displays my love for running.  I had this pendant custom made by my friend, Tisha.  My friend makes these wonderful sterling silver pendants and can hand stamp anything for you.  I wear it all the time.  I absolutely love running and love sharing it with everyone!  Her business is called Goodie Two Shoes and she's on facebook.

Love the Road ID!  It's a very smart thing to wear while out biking, running, etc.  It displays emergency contact info and any medical history you might have.  I've had mine for over a year now and I feel very good knowing that if something was to happen to me my family can be contacted right away, etc.  They are around $19 and come in different colors and the metal plate can be put on any other color Road ID band.  I bought a yellow band for an additional $3.  Makes for a nice gift!

I just recently got a Garmin that I am going to enjoy.  I love being able to see my pace and the time, etc.  I bought the Garmin Forerunner 410 because on Black Friday Amazon offered $150 off the 410 so I bought it and have been playing around with it.  Then, I would see this awesome orange Garmin Forerunner 310.  I love orange so maybe down the road I will get the 310.  I love the shape of it a lot too.  Check out the Garmin's at

Headbands are a nice accessory to have.  I love this headband by Sweaty bands @  I actually own the 13.1 and soon will be able to get the 26.2, can't wait!  They have a velour type fabric underneath which I feel keeps the headband from sliding.  Great quality, not cheap looking.  They have also been featured on the TODAY SHOW.  You can also CUSTOMIZE your sweaty bands!

First of all, I recently found this awesome site called Lunatik Athletiks I love anything funky and so when I came across this site and saw the products, I was like, "Yes!"  This site was definitely for me.  Check out the socks, compressions calf sleeves and running cute!  If you know a runner who might like something like this or maybe you don't know if they'll like it, get it anyway.  You just might have introduced them to a new thing! Actually, the socks have prevented a lot of soreness in my legs after running a half marathon.  THEY REALLY WORKED FOR ME!


I am a sucker for running tights!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!  I especially love the bright colored, funky looking ones, but here are a few of the tights/leggings for today.  They are great for any cool to super cold day.  I have more pictures of my favorite leggings coming soon! The ones shown in the collage are from and the black with green are from Under

My new favorite headset I just got on Black Friday from my husband are by Motorola. No cords to fight with, great sound, etc.  Check them out at

S10-HD Bluetooth® stereo headphones

  • High definition audio provides amazingly rich sound
  • Advanced design makes headphones lightweight, comfortable and sweat proof
  • Take calls while listening to music

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