Friday, July 19, 2013

MapMyRun Review


I love the MapMyRun App!  It is the #1 Running APP and it's FREE!  MapMyRun is a fitness tracking application that enables you to use the built-in GPS of your mobile device to track all of your fitness activities. Record your workout details, including duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned, and route traveled on an interactive map. I may sure my location services is on so my husband can track my route, especially for emergency purposes.  I would recommend having this app and having it on even if you use a Garmin.  You can even effortlessly save and upload your workout data to MapMyRun where you can view your route workout data, and comprehensive workout history. I started using the MapMyRun APP in January, 2012.  I found it very easy to use for my running/training.  I've also used it for tracking my bike rides with my family.  I wear my iphone on my arm and turn the volume up and let it talk to me.  It's a lot of fun!  I'm a huge fan of it and I know you'll like it too!  It also tracks other activities such as biking, stairs, walk, race/race event, treadmill and many others.

I set my fitness for "run" and set it to voice feedback and go for my run!  At each mile it tells me my mileage and pace.

Find running maps and map your running route with Whether you are jogging or marathon training, try our online or mobile running apps free.

Settings Include
distance unit
voice feedback
push notifications
record countdown
split distance
auto pause
keep screen on

Social Posting-Twitter & Facebook settings
Equipment-Heart rate & Other Sensors

 Map Your Route

Know where you're going, see where you've been. We have over 70 million routes to chose from - or be bold and create your own.

Track Your Activity

Record activity with our mobile apps, import data from third-party devices, enter workouts manually and never miss a beat.

Log Your Food

Fitness isn't just an activity, it's a lifestyle. Keep track of what you eat alongside your workouts to get a complete picture of your health.

Share with Friends

Add a social twist to your exercise routine. Get extra encouragement, cheer on your buddies or start a little friendly competition.

 I love this shirt and you have a chance to win one!! MapMyRun is giving away a Brooks brand EZ T 11 Tee for guy or lady moisture-wicking EZ T fabric is softer and lighter than cotton, but way more technically advanced. Looks and feels like a comfy t-shirt, but performs like a tech tee.

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Giveaway starts Friday, July 19, 2013 and has been extended to Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thank you and good luck!!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Love 'Heads Up Bands'...the Review

Heads Up Bands Review by I Run Long /

Okay, friends, you are going to LOVE Heads Up Bands ( that I have been anxious to share with you!!!  I would like to thank Heads Up Bands for the beautiful products they make! I had seen them comment on my page and decided to check their page and saw some really cute headbands! After chatting with the owner, she asked me to go to her website and pick a headband.  That was fun and hard at the same time! The selections are amazing, which made it VERY hard for me to choose. I received my first products from Heads Up bands a couple of weeks and let me tell you, the shipping was super fast! It came on a day I least expected them to and I was eager to open the package! When I opened the package, I was impressed with how nice the headbands looked and felt…quality fabric and nothing cheap looking about it! I have some that are skinny and wide and I love how both sizes fit. These headbands are well made and no fraying or loose threads. The under side is a velvety fabric which I love. It is what helps keep the headband on your head, I feel. I loved the cute Heads Up Bands logo stitched on the inside of headband…very cute! I was really surprised to received more than one headband-WOOT WOOT!! It was like Christmas!!! My college age daughter was standing there watching me with excitement as I opened the pack of headbands up! When I did and pulled out the headbands, we both said, “Ooh!” I knew I was going to hide my headbands from my girls or I’d never see them-ha! ha! The headbands were in product packaging and with care instructions. After oohing and awing over the product, I then slipped one on my head, took a few selfies and recruited my son to snap a few photos to show you!  I loved how the headband fit on my head and couldn’t wait to go for a run in them to try them out.
(Thanks to my daughter for modeling the headbands for me in the collage)

 In the last two weeks, I’ve gone on a few runs.  My longest run last week was 7 miles so that would be a pretty good test.  The headbands REALLY did stay on my head and the elastic band in the back did not slide up the back of my head like poor made headbands I’ve purchased in the past have. They are really comfortable to wear and you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it and just for fun, one night I decided to wear my headband. Okay, I did not want to take it off and just for kicks was curious how well it stay on. I woke up the next morning with my headband still on my head and pretty much in the same place it was the night before, so you can imagine how well they will stay on during your activity during the day! Impressed!  On my longest run, I really did work up a sweat and my hair got really sweaty so the headband did absorb it pretty good, but stayed on my head just fine. The sweat made it loosen just slightly, normal, so no big deal! I decided to wash it so I folded the headband in half and put some mild soap and water on it and gently hand washed it. Keeping it flat, I ran it under the water and laid it on a towel, folding part of the towel over and pressing the water out of it. I let it lay flat to dry and the next day I put it on. It wasn’t stretched out at all and felt like the first day I tried it on! I was so impressed and I went online and ordered my girls their own headband and one for my youngest to sport at her World Series Softball games coming up next week…a sparkly red headband for her to match her jersey.  Heads Up Bands are perfect for not only running in, but for any sport, special occasions or just for everyday!

(Photos taken of me by my daughter.  All other photos and editing by I Run Long)

The headband designs shown on this blog are;
 Zig Zag (black & personal favorite so far)
1 inch gun metal glitter (seen on my head while holding the other bands)
Regal Tapestry Green
Serendipity Green (with the circles)

Heads Up bands can be worn by all ages.  I'm 42 and love the selections available :)

I am so in love with these headbands and I think you will too. The emails back and forth with the owner have been pleasant and I personally felt a friendship connection with them.  They responded to all of my emails promptly which I felt was impressive as well. So, excellent products, fast shipping, quick response to emails and very helpful about future custom orders. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, HEADS UP BANDS!!!

Like them on facebook at and let them know I Run Long sent you ;)
Check out their products on their website at to see more of the awesome headbands in thin and wide sizes and tons of cool designs! You can also get custom headbands that they would be happy to help get you started. There's no set-up fee for that! While there, read about the story of how Heads Up Bands was started and check back soon because Heads Up Bands has offered to give two people a chance to win a couple of headbands and what's cool about that, you get to pick your own styles! Thank you!!!

fRAN at I Run Long ,a very happy customer!!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Deuce Brand Review

A big shout out to Deuce Brand for designing these cool, functional sport wrist watches that are water proof!  As an endurance runner I love wearing this lightweight watch for everyday use. These Deuce Brand watches are super fun!  There are several styles,but this one is a G2 style. I LOVE IT!! They are partners with the NBA, NCAA and are worn on the wrists of athletes across the globe. I also love the cool Deuce Brand see-through boxes they come in with an easy removable lid.  I’m loving the idea of while on my training road runs I don’t need to avoid the water sprinklers or swimming pool areas.  They are fashionable, lightweight and made of silicone.  Mine is hot pink and the one I’ll be giving away to one lucky reader is neon yellow.  They come in different sizes, xs-xl
  • 14.5 cm (Kids / Petite Women)
  • 16 cm (Standard Women)
  • 17 cm (Small male)
  • 18 cm (Standard Male)
  • 19 cm (Large Male)
The Deuce G2 is designed for the TRUE athlete & trend setter. Not only can you Surf, Hoop, Skate, and Work Out in the G2, but Deuce created this watch to represent! Fresh new colors, custom color-ways and all the same colors that you love in ‘The Original’ Series. The G2 is made with a sporty look and thicker silicone band which can still be worn in a multitude occasions while adding that flavor that you need to complete your outfit.

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Giveaway starts, July 8, 2013 and ends Monday, July 15thThe winner must live in the U.S. and must respond with their mailing address within 3 days or a new winner will be drawn.
Thank you, Deuce Brand!!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Skora Running Shoes Review


Hi!  My name is Fran.  I’m a wife, busy mom of three kids, assistant track coach, blogger and marathoner.  A BIG thank you goes out to Skora Running for introducing me to their Skora Running Shoes!  I was super excited to receive a pair in the mail about a month ago.  I opened the cool Skora shoe box and checked out the unique shoes with an X-strap system  which I thought was a unique option for running shoes.  After checking them over, feeling and bending them to get a feel of their flexibility, I slipped my foot into them into the lightweight shoes. I was shocked that they didn’t have that stiffness to them and felt as if I had been running in them for awhile-true comfort!!

 To be honest, I had not heard of Skora Running shoes so I checked out their website and their facebook page and LOVED what I saw!  So many options to choose from and the different color combinations are amazing!  I SO want the whole collection-ha!

The Skora’s have a unique look about them and I hoped they would offer the performance I would need as an endurance runner.  Since I’ve become an endurance runner I have found that you must have the right pair of shoes to get you through your training runs, races and a shoe for everyday use to maintain correct body movement.  Being a busy, on-the-go sports mom, I spend a lot of time running the kids all over to their games, which I really enjoy and spending a lot of time in the ballparks and I need a shoe to work with me all day long.

To get a feel of my running shoe background, I have mainly worn the New Balance Minimus and have gone through two pairs of them and since before my first marathon in April, 2013, had started training in the Brook’s Pure flow Connects and also wore them in my marathon.  Since receiving the Skora’s I have gone on short runs to get the feel of them and my runs have been enjoyable and my feet comfortable.  I love the BASE R01.  They weigh 6.5 oz / 184 g. They have a 9mm Forefoot/heel stack height and 4mm Antimicrobial insole with a zero-drop construction.  I love a shoe that mimics the barefoot and these are just perfect and what my body loves.  The BASE also offers a high tensile stretch upper, full sockfit, high abrasion rubber with the Skora logo on the sole, stitch-down construction and reflective details, perfect for running at dusk or night.  The R01 system, is composed of 3 parts: outsole, midsole and insole. With a total stack height of 13mm (9mm without insole), the R01 system provides a moderate amount of cushioning with excellent grip and great groundfeel. The outsole is made from a durable, high abrasion, high density rubber with low profile tread. The midsole is CM (Compression Molded) EVA, with anatomical flex grooves that allow for great flex and movement.
Like all the outsoles, the R01 system has been designed to match the natural foot shape with curved heel and sidewall profiles and a concave forefoot to allow for natural motion.

Their motto is right…RUN REAL.  I aim for a shoe that allows whole-foot landing and allows me to run real.  There’s less impact on the body.  Give your body the best in footwear!  A natural-fit shoe like Skora are my #1 shoe for running and for everyday day use and I’m so glad to be a new fan of these shoes! 

I loved them so much that I made my first purchase with Skora.  I purchased the PHASE Dark Purple R02.  I LOVE them!  My experience with customer service was great and even though I was having an issue with my credit card (on my end) for about 15 minutes, the sales guy was very patient and understanding and soon my purchase was complete.  The shipping is FREE (BIG PLUS for me!) and was very fast and I LOVE that when I’m eager to get them so I can get them on my feet!  I had them in less than a week.  The packing was wonderful.  I also received a return label with clear instructions, not that I needed it!

The shoebox is so cool and I love the Skora shoe details attached inside the box.  This company even designed the coolest shoe box.  It has a magnetic closure with a cloth pull tab to open and close.  I now have something to store my race medals in, LOL!

I HIGHLY recommend Skora running shoes!  I love the Skora Running facebook page!  I love scrolling through the photos of the customers of them wearing their Skora’s.  They are a lot of fun!  The page also offers great info and inspirational quotes as well.  Please go and give them a like and tell them that I Run Long sent you! To see their shoe line, please give them a visit at;

Twitter @skorarunning

Instagram @skorarunning

Visit the facebook page of I Run Long at