Friday, January 25, 2013


I am starting my first giveaway now!  Would you like to get your name entered for a Bondi Band Headband?  

To enter my 13.1 Headband Giveaway by Bondi Band;

1. Leave your name in the comment section below on this blog, NOT on facebook and your name will be put in the jar.
2.  Follow my blog
3. "Like" my 'I Run Long' fb page at if you haven't already.

You must live within the United States to enter and item will ship within the United States only.  The item must be shipped to the name of the person entering the giveaway.

Giveaway given by I Run Long blog

This 13.1 Headband will be coming straight from me, not the Bondi Band company.  Item may not be exchanged to the Bondi Band company.  I am not affiliated with the Bondi Band.  Items are NEW and come from my smoke free home.  You will get the one headband you see in the picture.  I will ship item with delivery confirmation to insure you're item gets straight to you.  A name will be hand drawn from the jar you see in the photo.  The giveaway starts immediately and will end Monday, February 4th in the a.m.


About Me

1.  When did you start running?
Elementary school.  We had what they called field day and that is when I started racing against other kids.

2.  What events did you run in school?
100, 200, 400 meter dash and anchored the 4x100 and 4x200 relay.

3.  Favorite to run, sprints or distance? 
In high school I loved sprints and now that I'm older I enjoy the longer distance!

4.  Most memorable race?
In high school it was getting the opportunity to compete in China for a 13K race and as an adult, running my first half marathon and placing 3rd overall female.

5.  Number of half marathons?

6.  Any injuries?
I had never had any injuries until about three weeks when I strained a groin muscle.  It was miserable not being able to run for a week.

7.  Hot or cold weather runner?
I prefer the cold because at least I can peel layers when I have to.

8.  Ever run in a costume?
No, but that might be fun!  Not sure what I'd dress up as :)

9.  favorite running shoes?
After trying about four different pair, New Balance Minimus are the BEST!!!  I love feeling the ground.  The shoes feel lightweight on my feet.  They have a wide toe gate.  I have actually ran not only my 5K's but all of my half marathons in them.  Great shoes!

10.  How many days after a race do you run again?
I need a good week to recover before running my next 5K and anything longer, two weeks.  I have actually ran all three of my half marathons three weeks apart and felt just fine.

11.  Pre-race routines?  I have to lay everything out the night before.  I like to eat peanut butter and honey and have some water.  I like to warm up my muscles with my muscle stick.  It's a neat little gadget!

12.  Favorite place/places to eat?
I LOVE Qdoba's Mexican and Chick-fil-a!

13.  Favorite drink?
I like to treat myself to a Vanilla Spice Latte, but enjoy making fruit smoothies these days.

14.  Ever run a Marathon? 
I have never ran a marathon, but after running the half marathons last year I figured why not try and do the marathon.  I am currently training to run my first one this coming March.

15.  Any runner's that inspire you?
So many.  Florence Griffith Joyner was the one I watched at the Olympics when I was in high school.  She is the fastest woman in the world to ever run the 100 meter dash!!!  She ran with beauty and grace!  I loved her one-legged tights.  She was so stylish on the track.  Alyson Felix is my newest female sprinter to watch and so is Sonya Richards.  Caleb Hoover is a young man who was on the local track team.  He was an amazing and talented distance runner to watch.  he gave everything he had in practice and at the races.  I don't think he ever missed a practice.  That boy REALLY inspired me to get back into running.  So proud of how well he continues to do.  He's on twitter so check him out. 

16.  What motivates you to run now?
Having the love of running, having encouraging friends & family, having a running blog to share stories with others who love to run and hearing their stories about their experiences.  I have a better eating habit now.  I'm drinking water now.  I would only sip water here and there and now I walk around with a water bottle.  have been drinking mainly 40 oz. of water a day for the last four months or so.  I'm eating a lot of salmon, salads and I'm getting better with eating fruit.  I'd rather throw a bunch of it in a blender and make it into a smoothie.  After the marathon the good eating habits will not stop!  I want to be a good example to my children and husband.  I also enjoy helping out with the track team that my kids are on.  I get to cheer them on at their track meets.

17.  Anything else to add?
I want to encourage all of you ex-track & cross-country athletes who have never given it a thought to run again to start!  That inner athlete is still in you, I'm sure, waiting to get out.  I had not run since 1990 and just returned to the running field December 21, 2011.  I regret wasting all those years of not running, but thankful I am back at it.  It takes time to get going.  There's no rush.  Start slow and build your way up.  For those of you who have never ran and say to yourself, "I'm not a runner" and in the back of your head you really would like to run.  YOU CAN!  Find a local running club who can help you.  Start with walking and work your way up.  I would advise asking your doctor before starting any new exercise.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Okay, I'm about to burst with excitement!!!  I have several company's that I am working with for giveaways on my page!  Chobani (on facebook) has agreed to sponsor some of their yogurt that will ship to the winner!  I will also be giving away cool Bondi Bands (on facebook) and as an affiliate with Shubeez (on facebook and at, I will be giving away some of their shoe tags that are on the way and there are other offers being reviewed!!!  So get ready and tell all of your friends to like my page at and watch for details! This is going to be fun!!!!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Partnership with Shubeez!

Hey Runners!  I'm happy to announce my partnership with Shubeez!  Check them out at

You can also find Shubeez on facebook!

You can also follow my blog on facebook as well at

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Check out the awesome shoe tags by Shubeez at

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SPECIAL: Go to their website and click on "Shop" and enter the code 3ITEMS to get 3 shubeez for only $10. Lace up. Get active. Give back.

These are awesome products.  I can't wait to give a few to my friends.  I've already received my 13.1 tag in the mail this week and my 26.2 is on the way!  There's a special going on until the end of January.

Thank you!

I Run Long