Thursday, November 8, 2012


Well, it's been four days since my last half marathon race this past November 4th, 2012.  Let me tell you when I finished that race my legs hurt like crazy!  I was inching my way across the parking lot to get to the snacks.  When I looked around there were several people who looked in pain as well. We all felt each others pain, LOL!  I came to some steps to go inside the Bass Pro building.  I thought to myself, "Here I go!" trying to climb the steps, but I got up there.

The same day as my race I had a photo shoot to do later that afternoon.  When I arrived for the shoot I was trying to walk as normal as I could since my legs were really, really, really, really sore, but I got through the shoot just fine.  I did mention to the family, who are my friends, that I ran that morning and wanted to explain my stiffness so they would understand why I was walking funny, LOL!!

Monday-Oh, it was funny rolling out of bed, screaming, "OW! OW! OW! and inching my way down the bedroom hallway.  If I sat down it was so hard to get back up. After the race they had served samples Mexican Gumbo to the racers.  It was a tease!  That stuff was amazing!  I told my husband about the gumbo when I got home that day and told my husband that I wish we had a Qdoba.  He said that we did.  I was confused because I'm thinking something so good and we had not checked it out?!  The next morning Jayli and I went there for the first time.  They are located south of Target in the shopping center.  It is my new favorite place to eat at!  So, I just had to get up and go get a bigger bowl than what we were served at the race.  AHHH, so good!

Tuesday -  My youngest daughter decided to give me a massage combined with Chiropractic adjustments.  My husband is a Chiropractor and so she was enjoying doing the things that he does for our family.  It was cute and then she made up things along the way like putting my empty frappuccino bottle on my knee and tapping it and then she started hitting it harder!  No, he doesn't do that!  I said, no, no, no!  That girl!  She scheduled another "appt". for the following day, LOL!  Not sure if that was a good idea or not.  I also spent a lot of time rolling my 'Stick' on my legs.  It's the 'Stick Travel Stick', but I call it the stick.  More on that in a bit.

Wednesday - I was starting to feel back to normal.  I could move faster, bend my legs easier.  Only slight soreness.  Last night I did some cross training.  I did some stretching, lunges and did some weights with my husband.  I'm glad to get strength training in.  With having my last three half marathons so close together and with having to taper the week before my race and laying off mileage the week of my race, I didn't do anything that was going to make me sore or tire me out.

Oh!  So excited about a new tool I found online.  It's called the R8 Roll Recovery from It's a tool that works out the sore muscles in your legs.  This group of runners in Boulder, CO were demonstrating it.  Love it.  I have something different that I use to roll over the tight muscles that my husband got me. It's called the 'Stick'

Thursday - This morning I feel good.  My legs are crossed with ease, the sun is shining and I feel like I want to go get a little run in!

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