Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cross-Training Time

It has been pretty awesome to finally get back to cross-training.  I hadn't done any cross-training since June this past summer.  It was about an eight week class or so called Extreme Bootcamp.  It was a great class and I was beginning to get stronger, but ended up having to miss a class here and there and before you knew it the class was over!  They then started a new class doing speedwork on the track along with some other cross training on the football field.  I wasn't able to make any of those classes.

As of this past week I am happy to say that I have started doing some CT on my own.  I did some weights, yoga for runners, biking and some new exercises I found online.  Yesterday I sprinted 8 steep hills and three half mile long incline hills.  I felt good about that workout.  I'm hoping to get a new 5K record on Thanksgiving morning at our local Turkey Trot!

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