Friday, November 16, 2012

Compression Socks & Running Skirts


I bought my first pair of compression socks a few weeks because I thought they looked cute.  We didn't wear tall socks in track.  I didn't get why the ladies were wearing tall socks.  They are not just any 'ole socks.  They actually help your legs and are a great recovery after a long race.  I wore them on my second half marathon and my legs felt great after wearing them.  I made the mistake of NOT wearing them on my third half.  My legs felt the soreness big time!  I would suggest wearing them for those really long runs.  I had quicker recovery with them.  I got mine at, but if you google "compression socks" you'll have a pretty good selection of them pop up.  They are expensive, but they do the job!  Worth every penny!  I would suggest not try them out in a race first.  Try them on your training and see how they work for you.  Don't try or wear anything new to a race until you have tested it out during your training.


I've seen a few ladies wearing skirts that looked like tennis skirts.  We didn't wear skirts in track either.  So the more I researched athletic wear I was finding "running skirts" as an option.  I've found some on Etsy, Brooks and of course on the website.  I wear my running skirt with a pair of knee length tights underneath.  The skirts come with built-in shorts underneath, but I still put on knee length tights.

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