Friday, December 21, 2012

My One Year Running Anniversary 12-21-12!

Hey guys!  It's my one year anniversary!!!  I'm so excited!  One year ago today I decided to start back running again after about 22 years. I was a sprinter and cross-country runner in high school.  The whole New Year's Resolution was in full swing with so many people and I guess I may have been the same way.  I was wanting to run a 5K so it was time to start training.  I had no training plan, so I searched online for an easy 5K training plan and I found one at SHAPE online.  

So, I found some running clothes to put on and stepped out onto my street after stretching a little bit.  I had decided I'd start with running a half mile.  I didn't know about the free GPS on my cell phone and didn't have a garmin, but had my stop watch from track.  I started the stop watch and off I went, not very fast.  I didn't even get a quarter of a block down the road before I started feeling tired.  REALLY?!!  Anyways, I finished.  I think I ran almost everyday that first week.  I kept a journal, writing down all of my mileage and the times, hoping to improve with each run.  Each time I got out there I would run a few seconds faster and that was really cool to see!

Since getting back into running, I am happy to say that I have ran 6-5K's, 1-5 Miler run and 3-Half Marathons and currently training for my first full marathon which will be the Little Rock, Arkansas Marathon, March 2nd.

So happy that I stayed with running.  I truly enjoy it and so glad to blog about it with so many people out there interested in running stories and it helps me remember what I've done.  Had I not kept a journal, I would not have remembered the date I started running and it's nice to look back on far far I've come with my conditioning.  So far I've put in 482.1+ miles of running since 12-21-11.  The summer was slow for me being a busy mom attending my children's ball games and traveling for my oldest daughters softball all-stars.  Looking forward to another great year of running and hope you will to!


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