Friday, December 21, 2012

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What is your favorite weather of choice to run in?  For me, I would say fall and winter, but sometimes fall still feels like summer where I live.  I love winter and yesterday I got a chance to run in some pretty cold weather. For you new runners, have you got your winter accessories ready....gloves, hats, running tights, sport bras for the ladies, etc.  Make sure to get the sweat wicking materials.  You don't want to feel wet and cold while running.  I've had to buy a few things after running in regular cotton clothing and regular bras and feeling drenched.  No more of that!  Not pleasant when feeling that running.  So checkout your sporting goods store for the running gear.  If you're on a budget, BCG brand is good at Academy.  So check out the article by clicking on the link.

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