Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Inspirational Race Bling

Good morning!  I was going to chat about something else this morning until I was browsing the internet and found a new facebook page with inspirational jewelry.  Wow, love the pieces by Erica Sara Designs on facebook.  They have some neat stuff and I love the font options, too!  I love to wear inspirational jewelry that I can wear every day.  In fact, I have a necklace that reads, I (picture of a heart) running.  I wear it all the time.  People find out that I am a runner that way, but I love looking into the mirror and reading that because I truly love running and why not share it with others!

 Since purchasing that necklace I have surprised myself with running a half marathon, well, three half marathons within a six week period so now I want a charm that reads "13.1" or "Half Marathoner."  Now my FIRST full marathon is coming up so I know I'll want to wear something that says "My first 26.2" and the time I will run it in.  I'll just have to get some ideas from Erica Sara Designs!  I think I even saw shirt cuffs on their page.  It's a very unique page so check it out!  I shared it on my facebook page at "I run long."


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