Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fuel Belt

Yesterday I finally purchased a fuel belt.  My training is now up to 17 miles for the longest I've ever run.  I'm training for a marathon and so I need to get used to having a few sips of water on my run.  I had been running near my home and stopping home to get a drink which I found inconvenient having to stop.  I don't like to run with a bottle in my hand so the fuel belt was something I needed to get.  I love it.  It's ultra lightweight.  Has four 7 0z. bottles and a ouch for keeping your gels, etc.  I do honey so I will be filling my pouch with honey.  This belt does not have an adjustable strap and I feel runs small.  I normally buy small for me, but I could barely get this belt to fit around my waist so I went and exchanged it for a medium.  It has a nice fit and will not twist around.  It has a velcro closure.  I recommend a fuel belt/hydration belt for the super long runs :)


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