Tuesday, March 10, 2015

RejuvahHealth Compression Socks Review by Brightlife Go

Special thanks to Brightlife Go for the opportunity to test and review their RejuvahHealth Compression Socks for healthy legs and feet!  They arrived quickly, well packed and in a very nice product box displaying the actual socks through a window of product box with a size chart and product info on the back of box. Whether you're running, working out, sitting or standing long, traveling, at the office, lounging, etc., they are sure to give you style and comfort. 


These awesome socks are healthy, helping to prevent pain, swelling, and fatigue.  They come in sizes S-XL. The style is Chevron/Everyday Opaque and come in slate or ivory They are perfect for women or men.  

They have a 15-20 mmHg, which means minor ankle and leg swelling, and tired aching legs.  These socks have a graduated compression meaning they are strongest at the ankle and gradually less above and you feel it when you slide them on.  They have cushioning which feels awesome!  The color I'm wearing in the picture is Slate.  They look great with shorts, casual or running skirts, dresses, slacks, etc.  I love that the compression socks have a wide toe box, allowing wiggle room for your toes.  I do own a couple pair of other socks that squeeze my toes together.  Your toes should not feel cramped!  I also love the fact that the socks are knee high.  I have a couple of others that aren't quite tall and I would find myself pulling just to try and stretch them to my knees, which was causing less room at the toe area and by end the of my race they've crawled down.

So, a great socks with lots of great qualities about them AND affordable...$29.99,  and I can wear them with a variety of clothing styles--Wootwoot!
  Brightlife Go also carry ankle, calf, knee high, leggings, panty hose and thigh high socks/hosiery and some of the other brands they carry include CEP, Zensah, 2XU, to name a few.

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  1. Cool!! I really like the pattern. I haven't worn compression socks (!) yet, but I think I'll give them a try!
    Nice review!! :)


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