Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pavepara Wings Arm-Warmers

A big thank you to Chance Poe, Pavepara Lead Designer at Pavepara, for letting me test the Wings Arm-Warmers.  Chance Poe has a love for wilderness, fitness, and fashion and a bigger story of integrity.  I first heard about Pavepara when they were featured on Runner's World facebook page a few weeks ago.  So glad I saw it!
The Wings Arm-warmers are made of 100% super-fine jersey merino....LOVE LOVE LOVE the quality  fabric and the thumb holes!!  They come in five colors, and are USA made.    I chose Deep Lake and the color looked even prettier in person.  It was hard to capture the actual color with my cell phone. 

I've had the chance to wear these 'Wings' Arm-warmers  for some light runs, with my tanks on a few warm days we've had in the last couple of weeks, and recently in my half marathon.   The Pavepara Wings are the best looking and best fitting arm-warmers I have ever worn!  My favorite feature about them are the thumb holes which adds extra style to them.  Wings feel  soft and smooth against my skin.  I love the length, and  they don't slide down my arms!  Why?  Because they were designed with a no-pinch cuff that will not pinch.  (See collage of the Wings turned inside out to view the inside of cuffs.). They can be worn over a fitted top, under a loose top or with a tank.  I wore them under a hooded sweatshirt  that had sleeves that were not as long as I liked them, so I wore my arm-warmers underneath and felt nice and warm and without having to keep pulling my sleeves down over my hands.  You can probably come up with other ways to wear yours.  If you do, send us a picture!

Other items from their line at include a shorter version of the Wings Arm-Warmers (fits just over the elbows),Talons Leg Warmers, Rings of Distinction (stackable sterling silver rings), Soar Poncho, Plume Scarf, and The Bill.  I just love the bird related names for these items!  
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: wash in cool water, eco-friendly soap, and air-dry.   Someone in my family accidentally dried my load of clothes that had my arm-warmers in them, but they still looked great.  The cuffs still had great shape and did not bunch up.  They looked just as good on as they did when I first wore them. 

Pavepara products are made in the USA.  2% of profits go to Bird Conservation. Pavepara is for the Birds!  

Thank you for taking the time to read my review and thank you, Pavepara!

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