Friday, December 7, 2012

Running Theme Lamp Idea

I saw a post on the Runner's World facebook page requesting Running Holiday themed Ideas.  Most everyone had trees with their awards on them.  I wanted to do something different and so I thought for a couple of days what could I come up with.  While in bed one night I thought of using my race bibs to cover a lamp shade!  I knew that was different from what I was seeing from fans on Runner's World facebook page.  So, last night I got my bibs out and a roll of tape and began overlapping my race bibs onto our lamp.  It was looking cute!  Then I had medals and wondered how I could sue those too so I gathered them around the neck of the lamp post just under the turn on/off switch and taped it with clear packing tape.  My daughter added her personal touch as well and we had a complete runner theme idea!  It's not for bragging purposes, but just something creative I wanted to share.  Just as a reminder, Jesus is the reason for the season!  I am very thankful to God for the gift of running.  I love it and it's because of HIM!  After I took a few photos, I removed the bibs and medals off the lamp and sent to Runner's World.  They shared it in their feeds and so many people loved it.  

The photo has currently has over 1500 likes, 167 Shares, 43 comments which is something I never would have guessed would happen over anything I was involved with doing.  It was just nice for once to come up with an idea that I haven't seen out there.  I double checked on Pinterest and didn't see anything like this.  Usually when I have an idea, I research it and find out it's already out.  The last time I dreamed of an idea, it was about famous people's voices on a game show.  A clip of the famous person's distinctive voice would be played, for example, Morgan Freeman, and the contestant would have to guess who's voice it is.  I thought the name of the show could be called, "Who Said That" or "Who's Voice Is That."  I got up in the middle of the night and googled the titles and they existed, BUMMER, LOL!

Runner's World had chosen their favorites for their slideshow I think maybe a day or two before I shared my photo.  With the response it received, I'm sure I would have made the cut, lol!

Do not put bibs or any objects under the shade

* Display at a runner's party

*Runner's office

*Gift for a friend who is a runner (maybe there are sample running bibs online that are free to download.          
*Gift for a Track/Cross-Country Coach

*Center-Piece for a running or any race theme



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