Monday, December 10, 2012

16 Mile Run Week

Last week was my week to go up a mile on my long run which was 16 miles for last week.  I wanted to get up early and get out before our day got going.  It still wasn't early enough, but I'll get there.  I consumed two teaspoons full of honey and drank a sip of water.  It was a chilly and cloudy morning.  I ran my usual route around in my neighborhood.  I love running and seeing the friendly faces of drivers that pass me when I'm running.  Some will give a thumbs up or a way or occasionally, a honk!  I sometimes see friends and give them a wave.  It makes my morning :)

Well, I wondered how I was going to finish since the week before was tough for me at the end.  I can tell my hips were weaker then and it felt like I was hardly moving at the last two miles.  

Since the week I did my 15 mile run I have been doing  more stretching (single leg bridge), planks and some weight lifting.  My biggest thing is that I have been drinking lots of water!  I have drank 50 oz. or more in a day.  That is wayyyy more than what I would drink in a week!  I stopped buying a certain cold coffee drink which has been really awesome that I haven't craved one.  I'm competing with myself on how much water I can consume in a day and that is fun and I'm getting hydrated for my runs.

When I ran my 15 mile run I noticed as I was running my hips were feeling like they were giving out on me.  My heels were catching on to the ground and it would feel like I was going to trip.  That is how I can tell my body is getting really tired!  My average pace on my 15 mile run was about 9:25 or so and weak finishing up.  My 16 mile run was 9:34, but I ran just as slow (for me), but felt a little stronger.  I made sure to stop home and get some water and a quick bite of an oatmeal granola bar and use the restroom and getting back to my run.  Those are things I know I will have to do on marathon day so I'm planning now.  I stop my watch when I stop, but not sure I will during the marathon. 



  1. I know another runner and I don't know how you girls do it. You run through the pain. Kudos to you because I would sit down and whine.

  2. Your body gets used to it. I started running last January. Thanks for commenting :)


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