Thursday, December 27, 2012

Check out Shubeez!

Check out this new company called Shubeez!  Love the 13.1 and 26.2  shoe tags! They're asking to help spread the word about them!


Lace up, get active, show support, raise awareness and make a difference!
It is shubeez mission to start a grass roots movement of giving and build awareness for every fundraising partner we work with.
Shubeez are unique collectable shoe tags that attach securely to the laces of any athletic shoe. We promote awareness for a variety of non-profit organizations and personal causes with proceeds benefiting these different charities.

Our goal is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle by getting you to lace up for a specific cause. Shubeez can create a custom design for any fundraising event. Please see our "how it works" page on our website for more details. You can also purchase the shoe tag of your choice through our "campaign" page.

Please contact us to discuss any questions you may have about shubeez and tell us why you lace up!

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