Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Review on Run Girl Run Meredith LS Top

I am excited to share this sleek Meredith long sleeve performance half zip top, new item by Run Girl Run! It has a 4-way stretch with excellent breathability and made from TL3 fabric. This top is not only sharp looking, but has LOTS of bonuses that I LOVE as well as absorbing moisture while running. I went on a 10 mile run and really felt inspired and motivated to keep moving knowing three simple words "Run Girl Run", were printed on the back! The top was really comfortable to run in and I felt dry for my that the Meredith top is moisture wicking, a must for my running clothes! The thumb holes were comfortable around my thumb. The hemline of the top did not crawl up.

First of all, I love that the Meredith top is a fitted style. My most favorite feature about this top is the unique ruched back design featured with the pretty subtle company logo in pink & silver! It is a very unique top and I can see dressing this top up or down. Not only will you feel great while running, but I can see putting a cute pair of black leggins and casual baby doll flats for an on-the-go look. The logo on the back is a clever idea. Have you ever seen someone, a stranger, wearing something cute and you wondered where they got it? Well, with this top, everyone will see who where it's from, Run Girl Run! My track kids read it and said, "Awww, cool!" I love sharing the things I love to people. Another feature about this top is the logo zipper pull with a zipper flap, finished look, that will protect the zipper from scratching your chin....clever! Another feature I'm a big fan of are the thumb holes...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I always look for this feature when shopping for athletic wear, but I also love the option of wearing it without the thumb holes. The holes are subtle slits that will look nice even without putting your thumbs in the holes. The final feature is a handy side pocket on the left side for keys and change, but an added bonus was the fact that I could carry my iphone in the pocket easily! No need to wear a waist pack! You can go running, shopping or go on errands without carrying a purse. You can use the pocket to store your credit card/cash & phone if you wanted.

Overall, I am VERY, VERY pleased with the design of this Meredith top and you will too! Please check out their facebook page Run Girl Run, visit their website and you might be interested in subscribing to their mailing list :)

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