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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lily Trotters Compression Socks Review

Hello!  My name is fRAN from the fb page, I Run Long!  I wanted to shout a BIG THANK YOU to a brand new company, Lily Trotters, for sending me TWO pairs of their stylish compression socks…a pair of the black/pink/lime polka dots for me and a pair of black/pink/lime polka dots for one lucky follower!

Susan Costa-Walston is the Founder and Designer of the Lily Trotters fashion compression socks! THANK YOU, SUSAN!  I love the cute name and logo, too!  Lily Trotters compression socks are built with revolutionary micro-nylon weave and are made here in the USA!  Susan is very committed and passionate about supporting the US economy and jobs for Americans. 

Lily Trotters are like no other compression socks.  They meet high performance, quality, style, and will protect your legs and feet from every day life to running long distances such as marathons and ultra-marathons!  As a busy mom, multi-tasking wife, mom, and ultra runner, I appreciate that!  Compression socks are great for quicker recovery and they help reduce soreness after runs, workouts, and help tired legs and feet feel better! If you’ve never tried them, now is the time!  Look great while taking care of your legs and feet.  What I love about Lily Trotter, besides the fact they’re so darn cute, sassy and thin enough for regular shoes, is that you don’t have to fight to get them on or off.  There’s nothing more exhausting than having to try and squeeze your feet into compression socks and then get home from a hard workout and have to fight to get your compression socks off!  Girls, we deal with that enough with sports bras, right?! 
  • Proprietary easy-to-get-on 100% micro nylon weave
  • 15-20 mmHg (millimeters of mercury) – just the right squeeze! 
  • USA tested & approved high performance gradient compression
  • Cushioned heels & reinforced toes
  • Moisture wicking, antimicrobial – yay, no stinky feet!
  • Built to last a few years, not a few months like traditional knee socks


    These socks are not available just yet, but will launch soon, so be on the lookout!  In fact, head to www.lilytrotters.com to sign up for the email newsletter of when the kickstarter goes live so that you can order some at a discount!  To all of my international page followers, these will ship internationally through kickstarter!  These very distinctive designs will be in assorted colors-YAY!  I can’t wait to see Lily Trotters on all of you.  It will be fun to spot them in race photos, at the gym, but not just in the fitness world, but in the work place and casual settings as well. They are so distinctive and I KNOW us Lily Trotters fans will get asked where we got your socks!  They will be shocked to know that they are also compression.  Look stylish on the run, in the gym, at the office, while traveling, at your kid’s ball games or even at home!  They are perfect for anywhere, anytime!  To my male followers, these will make great gifts! ;-)
Lily Trotters have felt great on my runs, at work and even while coaching track practice.  They stay in place.  I’ve had a pair where the socks did not stay at my knees and I kept pulling them up before and after my race.  I did not have that problem with these.  The socks go on very nice and are NOT so tight that you get a workout trying to put them on and off, LOL!  I have also worn these to work under my skinny jeans and did not have a problem with the socks squeezing my legs so tight that I needed to pull them off as soon as I got home from work.  They feel great, I promise you!  In fact, I’m wearing them writing this review.  The toe area is roomy and I just love the Lily Trotters logo design on the bottom of each sock—TOO CUTE!  I love that Susan designed the cute ruffle edging along the top of the socks (see picture).  All their socks will have the ruffled edge, very clever and sassy for us girls!  Thanks, Susan!  Looking forward to being a Lily Trotter wearer forever!

Lily Trotters Mission…

  “To bring the energizing benefits of compression to women everywhere—with unmatchable style and unforgettable sass.”  They also mention that Lily Trotters compression are tough enough for your marathon, but sassy and thin enough for everyday."


1.“Like” Lily Trotters on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lilytrotters?fref=ts&ref=br_tf and mention I Run Long sent you.

2. Go to www.lilytrotters.com to sign up for the email newsletter of when the kickstarter goes live and get a chance to receive discounts on Lily Trotters!

3. Type “Pick Me” in the comments below and I will draw a name from a bag.

3.Check back on April 21st to see if you’ve won.  Winner will be announced in the comments and on my I Run Long facebook page.  You will have until April 23rd by midnight to claim your prize.




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